Chris Param, collage artist, is based out of Southern California. His artistic abilities were introduced to him through an art class in high school where he first learned to paint and draw, which then, evolved into a passion for the arts. Param was exposed to the collage technique by experimenting with mixed media projects using cut-outs of images and gluing them to paintings. The artist was intrigued by the cut and paste process, so he continued teaching himself different techniques to improve his skill with this newfound medium. As a mixed media artist, he realized that all the colors he needed were in magazines which, theoretically, became his "palette" for his collage works. Param finds colors from the magazine pages that have different colors, tones, values, or textures and applies them accordingly on a wooden panel to create subject matter using a clear acrylic medium which acts as glue. For the most part, he uses his hands to tear up magazine pages to express the chaotic rips in the paper which give an energetic feel to his work, but also uses sharper tools, such as x-acto knives or scissors for fine detail. As he progresses in his creative journey, Param's eagerness to share his work continues to grow exponentially.

Param’s current series in the works is titled “Live to Inspire”. This series depicts portraits of everyday people exposing whichever unique gift they were given and using their passion or what they believe in to inspire others. Param is frequently approached with the question, “What inspires you?” His response is:

“People inspire me. People who hone their passion and do it for the rest of their life. People who expose their creativity to the world. People who live to help others for the greater good. People who let their personalities shine. We live in a world where there are amazing, innovative, unique, passionate people everywhere and I want to expose them and what they do through my work.”